Dedicated to evoking Positive Change

People are bound to face challenges during their lives. While there are numerous channels of support for many different issues, we found that there was a lack in allowing women who were undergoing matrimonial problems to find the resources they needed without judgment; conversations regarding problems in a marriage can be difficult even with friends and family. As such, Angels was conceptualized as a safe space for women who required our specific skill sets to aid in finding a solution for the problems.

“For women, by women” is a personalized private investigation service that supports women in managing their situations rationally and positively. Our investigations team is female-centric, and our experience in dealing with similar cases puts us in a good position to empathize and provide better advice to our clients. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation by reaching us at 9189 5086, or with this form.

Why Change?

Locus of Control is a psychological theory coined by Julian B. Rotter. It posits that there are two categories of control – external, and internal. A person with an external locus of control believes that the situation that they are in is due to factors outside of their control, attributing events in their lives to luck or circumstance. A person with an internal locus of control conversely believes that their successes and failures are due to their efforts. Of course, this does not suggest that someone with an internal locus of control is “good”, or that a person with an external locus of control is “bad” as many other factors come into play regarding how one views their situation. However, research has suggested that a shift in the perception of control can help a person face adversity and difficulties with a better grasp.

Adversity can bring out the best or worst in a person, and the outcome depends largely on their actions and perceptions. When faced with difficulty in their lives, some people fall into a deep depression that they do not recover from, while others thrive. At Angels, we hope to provide part of the solution by finding out truths and enabling our clients to move forward following their struggles.

Changing yourself is one aspect that you have total control over. Before a change can take effect, you must first be in the know and accept the situation. Your change depends on your mindset and actions. You can choose to dwell in bitterness and sadness or turn it into an opportunity that will benefit you personally, uncovering your resilience, grit, and determination.



F O L L O W   U S   O N