Angels fly under the radar during our job because we are normally portrayed as unsuspecting.  We get to access places easier with less risk of being confronted.

Angels use IQ, EQ and intuition to get our job done on ground and LQ (the Quotient of Love) to get it going for you. It is a scientific fact that the female brain is “hard-wired” for multi-tasking, we are into details and consider all aspects of the case as our brain are interconnected and not compartmentalised.

In addition, we adopt Ranger’s proven method of deploying various combination of traditional & modern techniques within the industry and best practices adapted from other fields.

“Every trial endured and weathered in the right spirit makes a soul nobler and stronger than it was before.”
– James Buckham


You are unable to comprehend the sudden change of his behaviour and nonchalant attitude. Your instinct told you it’s not right. You lost your identity and self-worth because of his constant denials and blaming that it’s all your fault. You feel so insignificant and un-respected. The sleepless nights, the tears and unbearable pain that is bone deep. Suspicion of your partner cheating is just horrible.

It is a misconception that once you engaged a private investigator, it equates to you seeking a divorce. It is about gathering facts to prove your sanity, self-worth and removing layers of deceit. Yes, most of the time, confirmation of facts are painful but it’s a step forward to a solution.

Clients engaged us because they know the importance of maintaining a rational mental state. They are willing to invest in finding out facts that can free them from mental torture.  They want to have a closure and explore options of moving on. If indeed, there is nothing except their over reactive suspicions, they will move on to tackle their own issues. If it’s not, as a legal spouse, they own the right to know.

Our services in investigating this area can help with:

  • Rebuilding Marriages
  • Divorce
  • Ancillary Matters

Rebuilding Marriages

Divorce isn’t the solution when your husband is remorseful and is willing to change. However, remorseful and willingness is not enough, as a victim, you must also accept this betrayal. Infidelity is only a symptom, the cause behind it could be lack of communication, partner’s existing psychological issues, pure boredom of current status and many more.

It takes both parties to devote to changing themselves in rebuilding their new marriage over a period of time, addressing issues that lead to the infidelity and overcoming the devastation. Couples who have gone through it grew closer.  It is not easy but it can be done.


No one gets married with the intention of getting a divorce. Divorce is not the end of the world and it doesn’t equate you to a lesser being or children growing up as dysfunctional individuals, it is how you cope with the change that sets you apart. Divorce due to adultery or unreasonable behaviour (improper behaviour with another person) normally brings out the worst in humans. The next step forward is to gather facts and corroborations to support your grounds that will enable you to maintain sanity, dignity and grace when dealing with your ex-husband during divorce and ancillary matters.

Step 1: Dissolving the Marriage

Private investigation focuses on finding facts to support irretrievable breakdown of marriage – adultery and unreasonable behaviour (improper behaviour with another person).

* Important points to note is that the person who initiated the divorce cannot rely on adultery or unreasonable behaviour (improper behaviour with another person) if both parties have continued to live with each other for a period of exceeding 6 months from the first discovery. You can seek cost in matrimonial proceeding and hiring of PIs. Your ex and 3rd party (responsible for the breakdown of the marriage) may be ordered to pay whole or part of the cost.
*If you are married for less than 3 years, the court may grant you an early divorce based on exceptional hardships- i.e adultery with multiple partners, with mutual friend or sister. 

Ancillary Matters

Step 2: Child custody, care & control, access time, child maintenance and matrimonial assets 

It is mandatory for parties to attend the mediation and counselling sessions as directed by the court if it involves children below the age of 21. Parties with disagreements will be directed to attend the Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) Conference.

At Angels, we encourage both parties to resolve issues pertaining to the parenting plan and other matters during the above sessions. However, if you have valid reasons i.e welfare of child or have a hunch that you have to put up with more lies that will affect the division of matrimonial assets, child maintenance, and alimony, you can seek your lawyer’s on the validity of your grounds or our views on whether an investigation report/intelligence is required.

Adultery is only a fact to support the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. The Court placed the welfare of the child as the first and paramount consideration. Clients often come to us not understanding the definition and scope of custody, care & control, access time, child maintenance, alimony, and matrimonial assets.

In an acrimonious ancillary proceeding, every matter can be hotly contested, it is therefore important for us to work with your lawyer to support your grounds with merits.

*The information provided above is general in nature and is not intended as legal advice.


You got swept away by him, the past few months were just magical and felt like a fairytale, the future seems near yet unsure. He seems so perfect yet you can’t put to words the uncertainty felt, you need to ascertain if he is the one or at least you are not the third party. Your marriage will be the most important relationship in your life, hence be wise in who you select to commit to.

Reality checks, typically called background checks, are done upon doubts about your partner’s history, background, current occupation, and social activities.


Angels also provide the following services individually or to complement your main service.

  • Counter Surveillance
  • Spouse Surveillance
  • Mobile Phone Data Recovery
  • CCTV
  • To vary order/agreement relating to custody or care and control of the child after divorce.



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