As female investigators are less likely to raise suspicion, Angels can gain access to many places with lower risks of confrontation compared to our male counterparts. It does not mean that we should be underestimated – both Ranger and Angels undergo the same strict training and produce the same quality of work and evidence for our clients.

Angels use IQ, EQ, and intuition to get our job done on the ground while exercising empathy and understanding with our clients. Adopting Ranger’s proven methods, we deploy various combinations of traditional & modern techniques from within our industry, alongside best practices from other fields to help you save time, effort, and money.


A sudden change in your spouse or partner’s behavior is often a red-flag for many women. They stay out late into the night, making excuses that they are too busy, or tired to do things that you used to do together. Your gut feeling tells you something isn’t right, but any attempt to talk about the problem seems to do nothing but exacerbate the situation. They shun the conversation, deny the accusations, even blaming you for thinking too much. Still, the nagging feeling does not go away – you lose sleep, become restless and emotional. Your personal life is suffering and you feel like you are losing a grip on your sanity.

Soon, you are faced with the life-altering question: Are they cheating on me?

It is a misconception that when someone engages a private investigator, it equates to seeking a divorce. Ultimately, hiring an investigator is for the gathering of facts to support or disprove claims of a partner’s infidelity. Having a clear picture of the truth helps preserve sanity and self-worth, removes layers of deceit, and enables the people involved to make an informed decision about the state of their affairs and to remedy the situation at hand.

Clients engage us because they know the importance of maintaining a rational mental state when making these decisions. They are willing to invest in finding out facts that can free them from the mental torture of not-knowing, to gain closure, and explore options of moving on or repairing the damage done.

In the best-case scenario that the suspicions are nothing but overreactive thinking, the knowledge will also enable them to move on to tackle their issues, whether in therapy or by themselves. Either way, investigations can help provide an unbiased, clear view of the situation that is integral in making an informed decision.

Our investigation services can help with:

  • Rebuilding Marriages
  • Divorce
  • Ancillary Matters

Rebuilding Marriages

Divorce may not be the only solution if your spouse or partner is remorseful and willing to change. As a victim, however, you must first accept the betrayal before moving toward reconciliation. Infidelity is but a symptom. The causes behind it could be numerous and are often, but not limited to: a lack of communication, psychological issues, and even boredom.

It takes time and commitment from both parties to rebuild their marriage, especially in addressing the issues that led to the infidelity and overcoming the devastation. Many clients go through marriage counseling or therapy to aid the process.


The investigation focuses on finding facts to support the claim of an irretrievable breakdown of marriage – mainly with adultery and/or unreasonable behavior (improper behavior with another person).

*The person who initiated the divorce cannot rely on reasons of adultery or unreasonable behavior (improper behavior with another person) as grounds for divorce if both parties have continued to live with each other for a period exceeding 6 months since the first discovery.
*You can seek cost in matrimonial proceedings and hiring of private investigators. Your ex and the 3rd party (responsible for the breakdown of the marriage, if any) may be ordered to bear the whole or part of the cost.
*If the marriage is < 3 years, the Court may grant you an early divorce based on exceptional hardships- e.g. adultery with multiple partners, with mutual friends or relatives.

Ancillary Matters

Step 2: Child custody, care & control, access time, child maintenance and matrimonial assets 

Both parental parties must attend the mediation and counseling sessions directed by the Court if it involves children below 21 years old. Parties with disagreements will be directed to attend the Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) Conference.

At Angels, we encourage parties to resolve problems revolving around the parenting plan and other matters during the above sessions. We will seek to understand your situation during our consultation and advise you on whether we think investigations are necessary.

However, if you have concerns that you may require supporting evidence for your claim e.g. welfare of the child, division of matrimonial assets, child maintenance, and alimony, etc., seek your lawyer’s advice on the validity of your grounds and/or our views on whether an investigation report/intelligence is required. In the case that you wish to proceed with investigations, Angels are happy to help.

Adultery is only a piece of evidence in supporting claims of an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, and not a fool-proof claim for custody. The Court places the welfare of the child as the most important consideration and awards custody of the child according to their judgment.

In an acrimonious ancillary proceeding, every matter can be contested. Clients often come to us not understanding the definition and scope of custody, care & control, access time, child maintenance, alimony, and matrimonial assets and expect the evidence we gathered to be a trump card for their case. Unfortunately, it is often not. Therefore, we need to work with your lawyer to support your grounds with merits.

*The information provided above is general in nature and is not intended as legal advice.


Meeting someone new is always exciting, but even a fairytale beginning can have a nightmare ending. Your new partner may seem perfect on the surface, but one should still choose to err on the side of caution, especially in the age of technology and dating apps.

A creeping sense of suspicion is uncomfortable and daunting, and may even have the opposite effect of compromising the relationship – but Angels can provide you with peace of mind.

Whether it is a relationship, a marriage, or otherwise, a commitment is something you should be sure about.

Reality checks, typically called background checks, are done upon doubts about your partner’s history, background, current occupation, and social activities.


Angels also provide the following services individually or to complement your main service.

  • Counter Surveillance
  • Spouse Surveillance
  • Mobile Phone Data Recovery
  • CCTV
  • To vary order/agreement relating to custody or care and control of the child after divorce.



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