Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prove adultery?

Angels prove adultery based on the balance of probabilities:


This method of proof is accepted in Singapore.

# Tan Meng Heok v Tay Mui Keow (m w) and Another [1992] SGHC 218 
# Koh Teng Lam v Koh Chee Chee Elsie & Anor [1976] 1 MLJ 103
I’m so shattered, I can’t function and think straight. I don’t know what to do.

Of course you can’t think straight, give yourself time to grief, it’s ok to cry and please sleep. The Elisabeth Kübler-Ross – 5 Stages Of Grief Model can help you understand your situation better. These stages don’t respect an order of appearance, each person experiences grief differently and may skip or switch certain stages. Take some time off to accept. There is no right or wrong on to leave, to stay or to rebuild marriage – it’s your personal choice.

Which choice is easier and faster?

I’m sorry there is no easy way out. Whichever choice you make, you will need to go through the grieving, healing and change process. Make a choice that you truly need in order to follow through. It’s uncomfortable and painful however this is also the time that you learn the most about yourself. You will know what it is to Love Yourself, Happiness and having Meaning in your life.

Can I seek cost based on adultery?

You can seek cost in matrimonial proceeding and private investigation. Your ex and/or 3rd party (responsible for the breakdown of the marriage) may be ordered to pay whole or part of the cost. The general guideline is cost generally follow the event.

#Goh Yong Hng v Cheong Yen Teng (Zheng Yanping) (m.w.) & another [2003] 2 SLR(R) 530; [230] SGHC 89
#Family Justice Rules 2014 852(2)
I’m very sad and shattered, I know he won’t change but I want to stay in the marriage for the children.

If this is truly what you need, of course, you can stay. However, you will need to change your mindset and shift your focus. Your children need a positive role model not one that is constantly feeling sad and bitter. You have your closure, you know what’s happening, you have accepted the reality and now its about coping with it. I’ve seen women of such deriving fulfillment and happiness by grooming their children, building financial independence and recognition in their careers. They choose to focus and act on what is within their control to regain their self-worth.

Can you guarantee that you can find evidence?

I cannot guarantee because if your husband/partner doesn’t commit the act during the surveillance, I cannot create one.

What is your mode of operation?

Angels embrace diversity in our team. We will deploy various combination of traditional & modern techniques within the industry and best practices adapted from other fields based on your needs and the case’s requirements.

Both my husband and I went for four sessions of marriage counselling but it doesn’t work.

Marriage counselling and therapy take time and commitment from both parties, it’s impossible that 4 sessions can resolve years of issues and betrayal. Couples who have gone through it took baby steps to gradually rebuild the trust and marriage.

*The information provided above is general in nature and is not intended as counselling and legal advice.